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01 Sep 2015 
The last thing a person wants to be doing after being locked out is browsing yelp reviews, which is why most customers tend to book the first locksmith that Google suggests. But this can lead to customers being conned by unlicensed locksmiths or falling prey to bait-and-switch tactics, which see them being overcharged for services despite low price promises. Startup LockedOut wants to change all this by offering customers a safe, fix priced, on-demand locksmith services via their smartphone.

To begin, customers request a locksmith via the app, which is currently live in Beta in New York City. The startup will then send a nearby, qualified professional to the required location, selected from their pool of vetted and rated independent locksmiths. Once the job is complete, customers will be charged a fixed rate fee of USD 75 for a residential lockout or USD 100 for a car lockout. If the lock cannot be picked, it will cost an extra USD 50 for the locksmith amsterdam slotenmaker to drill and replace it. Payments are processed via the app, which pays the worker minus the startups cut.

Are there other emergency services which could be handled in this way?


Contact: [email protected]

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01 Sep 2015 
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01 Sep 2015 
Today's search is another sign that Murray continues to be the focus of the investigation into Jackson's sudden death. He has been interviewed twice by investigators but has not responded to questions of possibly administering Propofol, a drug normally only used in hospital operating rooms, to Jackson.

In a statement issued before last week's raid, Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff said Murray was cooperating with the investigation.

"The coroner wants to clear up the cause of death, we share that goal," Chernoff said. He has said that Murray "should not be a target of criminal charges."

Murray is the cardiologist and "personal physician" who was by Jackson's side on the day of his death.Murray's attorney Edward Chernoff previously told Good deur openen Morning America that it took Murray a while to find anyone in Jackson's rented mansion to help him call 911 after he failed to revive the superstar.

"We can't tell you exactly when 911 was called," attorney Edward Chernoff told "Good Morning America" last week.

Dr. Murray and Michael JacksonChernoff said that once Murray realized that CPR was not bringing Jackson back, Murray, he said, tried to dial 911 on his cell phone but did not have the exact address of Jackson's home. And with none of the phones in the home working "for privacy reasons," Murray ran around the house till he found Jackson's chef, who alerted security.

It was the security person, Chernoff said, who eventually dialed 911. CPR, he said, was done for 25 to 30 minutes before emergency officials arrived.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Says Michael's Family Suspicious of Dr. Conrad MurrayJackson's parents and siblings are questioning Murray's role in Jackson's final hours, according to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a longtime friend of the family. Rev. Jackson previously told ABC News that the family is suspicious.

The fact that the doctor had left the scene, was not available to sign the death certificate or answer the family's questions about their son's final moments did not sit right at all with the Jacksons, according to Rev. Jackson.

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